Sunday, September 2, 2012

Last Week of Summer № 7 ● Music | Rae & Christian ft. Veba Swan Song (For a Nation)

Random thoughts. Random remembrances. Yes, what was that song? “Northern.” “Soul.” “Northern Soul”? Can hear it. Can see putting the CD in a player. The light in the room was… yes, there were two possible locations with that light. Actually, just one. So the year must’ve been 1996? No. Later. 1997? Breathing. Something to do with breathing… Exhale? Swan? A name “Rae”? What was the other one? “Christian”?

Artist/s: Rae & Christian, Veba
Album: Northern Sulphuric Soul
Year: 1998
Song: Swan Song (For a Nation)

So close!
Next summer is only nine months away.
And there is always the equator and the southern hemisphere.

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