Thursday, May 28, 2015

At Home | Rick Owens’ and Michele Lamy’s Paris Home

Oh thee cult inspiring Interesting Couple! Not exactly a style I would want to copy or live in, too ascetic for my feigned minimalism although I can see how it would salve after hedonistic adventures. I am inspired by its details and quality. When it comes to Rick and Michele, the consistency of their presentation to the public is supreme, despite Rick Owens brand not exactly playing the fashion marketing game. There are legions (did I mention the word “cult”?) that surface what it might be like in Owens-Lamy world through photos, interviews, articles the couple and the brand seemingly do not chase but nevertheless oblige. In the interviews, they are calm coolness, and seeing these photos of their home, it makes sense. They know who they are and what their aesthetic is. The way they present themselves and the way their home is are in sync.

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