Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yoko Ono vs. May Pang

Yoko Ono | Japanese May Pang | Chinese-American
February 18, 1933
Tokyo, Japan
October 24, 1950
Manhattan, New York
Before Lennon
From a well-to-do family
Attended exclusive schools
Lived thru Tokyo fire bombings in 1945
Lived through poverty
Dropped out of studying philosophy at the university
Moved to New York after the war
Longed for and eventually joined the “Bohemia”
Married Toshi Ichiyanagi in 1956
She was 23
A suicide attempt and a stint in a mental institution at some point
Divorced Toshi and then married Anthony Cox in 1962
She was 29
That was annulled for technical reasons
and then went ahead in 1963
Had a daughter together – Kyoko – she was 30
Divorced Cox in 1969
She was 36
The custody mess started… and never really resolved…
to this day Kyoko and Yoko cannot get together
Throughout she was well and truly part of
the NYC art world “scene”, especially the avant-garde

Chinese immigrant family
Did college
Wanted to be a model but deemed too “ethnic”
Receptionist at ABKCO Records
(yes, here is the Apple Records and Beatles connection)
With Lennon
Met November 9, 1966 at her exhibition in London
She was 33
She was his muse and collaborator
The gateway, the key and the catalyst to the avant-garde
Married March 20, 1969
She was 36
And continued
Then separated in 1973
She pursued her career in NYC
He lived in LA having his 18-month “lost weekend”
with May Pang
Reconciled in 1975
Had a son together – Sean - she was 42
Witnessed at a close range John’s murder in December 1980
Became a widow at 47
Throughout she was a practicing artist in her own right
adding music to her repertoire
Asked to help John and Yoko
with a film project in December 1970
Became their personal assistant in New York in 1971
She was 20
In 1973, after the decision to separate,
Yoko suggested May become John’s companion
Yoko “orchestrated” the match
In October 1973, May and John left for LA
to promote “Mind Games” album
The “lost weekend” began
May was 23
In June 1974, they returned to NYC
Adopted two cats
Early 1975, Lennon almost bought a house in Hamptons
for him and May to hang in
“You know Larry, I may have been the happiest I've ever been...
I loved this woman (Pang), I made some beautiful music
and I got so fucked up with booze and shit and whatever."
She was his companion, “nurse”,
occasional muse and collaborator
But then he reconciled with Yoko…
May was 24
But May claims her and John… until 1977
After Lennon
Had a bout of seclusion after John’s murder
Then continued her art and activism
A very busy woman!
Faithful and collaborators abounded and still do
Worked as a PR manager for
United Artists Records and Island Records
Married a record producer in 1989
She was 38-39
Had two kids
Then divorced in 2000
She was soon 50
She is still in contact with “Lennon’s crowd”
Talked about it
She could have not escaped talking about it
even if she tried;
people keep on asking!
Book: Loving John (1983)
Book: Instamatic Karma (2008)
In her own right
Artist, musician, film director, peace activist, designer,
continual muse and avid artistic collaborator
All-around Grand Artiste status
Personal assistant, production coordinator,
jewellery designer, author, volunteer for Animal Haven,
internet talk radio show co-host

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