Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fashion | “Who is Daphne Guinness?”

“I wouldn’t presume to call myself an artist. What is my art? I try to look neat and tidy.”
– Daphne Guinness
Rare, but it happens. Back in April, May and June I developed a mini-obsession with a muse and an icon of the fashion set – Daphne Guinness.  She was friends with the late Alexander McQueen and chosen by Tom Ford to close his comeback show in 2011. Works for me. She is quite striking in her presentation and futuristic even though some of that couture is from years gone by. All the more credit to the designers. Snappy dresser she has not always been. In the eighties, she was, well, quite eighties – poufy fringe and all – and even in early 2000s, she looked just like an average socialite. Then she evolved into the
creature she is admired as now. See “The Incredible Evolution of Daphne Guinness” at Fashionista.com. Although Daphne said back in February 2011 that “[She is] completely unemployable!”, her introversion and need to protect oneself propelled her towards designing armour inspired jewelry. Self-employment, I guess. Fabulous indeed. I do not have an opinion about her as a person one might actually know and possibly hang out with, or her pedigree, personal life and philosophy, but she is interesting to watch. Geisha like, she practices the art of being the art – no matter how unusual or uncomfortable it may look. But such is the price of aesthetic.

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