Friday, March 30, 2012

Retro Camera iThingy App vs. iThingy itself

In the best of worlds, any good experiment ought to have a “control”. I shall abide. As a correction to the “Playing with Retro Camera iThingy App at Slurping Turtle” post, I include the “control” – same circumstances photographed with iThingy 4G camera.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Playing with Retro Camera iThingy App at Slurping Turtle

Top: The Bärbl, Little Orange Box, Xolaroid 2000; Bottom: pinhOle camera, FudgeCan, Hipsteroku ©MAK

Nowadays, a “table turd” at a restaurant is alright. Not hip anymore, just common place. The cameras on these “table turds” are getting better and better, giving us a chance to flood the ether with a photographic documentation of life’s minutiae and proof of existence. So to task I went. I do exist. To keep it fun, at least for me, and to add a smattering of quasi-experiment like feel, I put every camera on the Retro Camera iThingy App to work by documenting the same thing. It is a strange notion this app – a concoction of hipster ethos à la early 2000s and nostalgia applied to improved iThingy optics. Go figure. But me like. And what better way than photographing the offerings at Chicago’s Slurping Turtle! The appetizer, and those that followed hit the spot, and the Tonkotu noodle soup of egg noodles, silky (and they don’t lie) pork broth, braised pork shoulder pieces (that balanced sweetness against the porky taste) and mustard greens, that I topped the appetizers with, all made me very happy. Just what I want from food. As for the retro photos – pick your favorite; and if truly obsessed – get the real thing. Both thumbs up.

Monday, March 5, 2012

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