Sunday, August 5, 2012

At Home | Benefits of Travel – Accidental Collections

Few days ago I took a random stock of my kitchen cupboards and noticed a selection of mugs recently eschewed in favor of simple white ones (no reason in particular). Those mugs had something in common.

Travel is all about collecting memories, stories and education. Photographs extend the wanderer’s bliss. Souvenirs serve the same purpose, but I got much much better at giving those a pass in the name of less clutter.

Or so I thought. Here it was – an accidental collection of mugs from some of my travels. Ha! I realized what was going on – a sly attempt by the recesses of my brain at preserving the need to “gather” those souvenirs, bring back that loot from foreign lands, all under the guise (or excuse?) of practicality! Well… The white mugs will have to retire for a little while, so that each coffee or tea sip may become a “Remembrance of Things Past” and a stimulus for collecting more memories, stories and education, a.k.a. more travel.

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