Friday, August 24, 2012

Music | Peeping Tom “Your Neighborhood Spaceman” over “La Marche des Sans Nom”

Not quite what I saw in my brain when I first heard this song back in 2006. But I’ll take it. I’ll take it for sure. I mean, what a swell homage to the man with vocal chords and technique, NO – techniques! , that can sound out the weird, the beautiful and everything in between. Yes, the dude called Mike Patton. OK, disclosure time. I am a fan of the man. Like, I will not obsess and stuff (when is his birthday and stuff??), but when I hear him I am happy. 

Alright then. Some knowledge. 

Peeping Tom is a band led by Mike Patton, who assembled a crew of his dream collaborators. One for each song. Maybe two for one song. Maybe more for more songs. The band still has only one album to its name, but the music is the man’s vision of what pop could sound like if it was up to him. And if you like it wacky, you will be very happy. Check out the Peeping Tom roster at Ipecac Recordings Artist page. 

LaMarch des Sans Nom (The March of the Nameless, 2007) is a student project, directed by Jean Constantial, Lucas Vigroux and Nicolas Laverdure. Vimeo shares the full thing, as originally created. 

Now – mash up time!

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