Monday, August 27, 2012

Last Week of Summer № 1 ● Music | Cibo Matto Sugar Water

According to the calendar, September 22nd is the first day of autumn north of the equator,
but to all intents and purposes, last week of August is the last week of summer.
If the academic year hasn’t started for you already, by September 1st there will be no mistaking that summer play is over –
it’s school time. New classes. New teachers. New students. It’s just different.
If you work at a place where it’s all about the Quarters and Fiscal Years, September 1st marks another change.
If you live north of the ~45-degree latitude, the weather would typically start to change in an unmistakable way.
It might start slowly. Or not.
So here is № 1 for the last week of summer.  A week of something-somethings to ease into the season change.
 œ

In Italian, it is crazy food, but the ingredients were two New York City-based Japanese expatriates – Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori (the latter was the first voice of Gorillaz’ Noodle). No longer together, but Yuka was nicely Zen at the time of disbanding –

“Cibo Matto broke up, because it was time. We felt the need to move to the next step. It was a healthy decision, though it was sad at the same time. Things just need to grow out of things sometimes.”

Have a mellow mid-90s start to the week J

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