Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beauty | Killing Us Softly: Advertising’s image of women

Back in early 2010, I had, let’s say, an interesting reaction to the latest, at the time, advertising campaign for Victoria's Secret, “Get ready for your all new body…”. It was full of nubile models (women? girls?), that were also glaringly skinny. Nothing new there, and this trailer sums nicely where it’s been, and still is, when it comes to the ideals of female beauty as promoted by the “Mad (Wo)Men”. Why do you think that Vogue Italia’s June 2011 Belle Vere spread piqued more than one person’s curiosity?  It was different. Closer to real, and still in shape.

Mad (Wo)Men, lemmie know when the brave new world truly arrives and you are card carrying members of the chosen humanoids. Won’t hold my breath though, Darlings!

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