Sunday, July 22, 2012

Music | The Tea Party over Blood+

The Tea Party is not the Tea Party movement. It is a Canadian rock band formed in 1990 in Toronto. “The Bazaar” video from “The Edges of Twilight” album was my introduction to this band's “Moroccan roll”. Filmed at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, the song was all classic rock with that something undulating through it. And it drove. I nodded my head in mesmerized approval. I bought the album. And “Splendor Soils”, and “Transmission”, and “Triptych”, and “The Interzone Mantras”, and “Seven Circles”. The last one, I have to admit, was just to satisfy the collector in me, alas one that skipped backtracking to their debut “The Tea Party”. At “Triptych” and “The Interzone Mantras” I was moving on, slightly bored, and I truly purchased “Seven Circles” only as my last stab at mild fandom and support. The latter album also happens to be their last studio album to date. One song stood out though, for me. “Luxuria”. So it was quite a glee inducing moment when I found a fan out there who decided to meld it together with….. ANIME! Blood+ it is! Guess what I will be watching next J

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