Sunday, July 8, 2012

At Home | Retro into Now: The Peacock Chair

This is another 'share what’s out there' post. La Dolce Vita’s Design Under the Influence: The Peacock Chair post caught my attention. Having seen many rattan pieces that are truly vintage (yes, circa 70s) and showing it, not in the best way (frayed, moldy, dusty, dirty), it was interesting to see the peacock chair styling it and achieving a grandeur befitting its name even amidst modern furnishings. I might not be looking to get one, although if I had a sprawling terrace with some shade I might have considered, but it looks to me like a throne worth having for slow sipping of chilled tropical cocktails and munching on refreshing Vietnamese dishes à la “The Scent of Green Papaya”, then watching “Indochine” or “The Quiet American” after sundown that just barely cools the air.

The Decorista | The Familiy Love Tree | Rhapsody Attic

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