Monday, July 23, 2012

Anime | Afro Samurai, you is CRAZY!

“That [is] off the chain!” Sure enough, Ninja Ninja. How can one go wrong with an anime that is smothered in the perpetual cool that is Samuel L. Jackson? And RZA (if you are not Wu-Tang inclined, but also have not chilled out watching “Ghost Dog”, mother f#^ker, SIT DOWN!). “Afro Samurai” is top notch manga back from 1999 – in a magazine format, 2007 – as a TV series, and 2009 – as a film. Few TV episodes won’t kill you; they are easy to come by; they might thrill you. Like “Ghost Dog”, “Afro Samurai” is a great fusion of cultures, with a wacky kick. And Ninja Ninja, Afro’s antithesis, will show you what speaking out, in style with no seeming filter, is all about. Stoic is so yesterday! Word.

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