Monday, June 1, 2015

Fashion | Gotta keep it separated, J.W. Anderson

I am not on it. I won’t even pretend to be. But as I said before, I like to watch. The good ‘ole Grey Lady, has a playlist going called In the Studio | The New York Times: “Where does a collection begin? In the mind and imagination of a designer, of course, but also in a physical space, an insider sanctum that is almost never seen by consumers: the office and atelier. In many ways, these private spaces reflect the choices and points of view that inform fashion as much as any runway show. If in doubt, simply consider the outtakes from a series of behind-the-velvet-curtain videos in which designers from New York to Paris invited The New York Times into their professional lives.” Beyond hearing/reading his name, I don’t know much about J.W. Anderson or the specifics of his designs for, as it turns out, two labels: his own and Spanish luxury emporium Loewe. However, I now absolutely admire how organized/compartmentalized he tries to be. See this still from his interview! Com’on – this mobile phone separation and labelling is something to emulate! Neat and sanity preserving.

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