Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Art | The boobs, bellies, butts, private parts of Lisa Yuskavage’s nudes

Ah the provocation of female sexuality. Who wants to get their jollies off? Who wants their morals tested? Did I get you at the title? More to the point – did Lisa’s nudes capture you? As art world goes, there is always a way to explain any provocation it decides to pay for and display in hallowed gallery rooms, but let’s not get cynical here – Lisa has her technique up to par. “Using Renaissance-era techniques” to paint naked ladies? Now tell me that is not a stroke of mastery genius and so spot on for the subject matter, I dare you. Personally, I don’t know what to think of the occasional cutesy colors somehow reminiscent of 1970s skin magazines, but I guess that is rather the point. They are so cute in their lasciviousness. But really, it is the ever present frankness that is the ticket. According to WJS, the bigger deal is that Lisa is now painting men. Gasp? The title of the report is a bit of a pity – “Painter Lisa Yuskavage Goes From ‘Vulgar’ Women to Saintly Men” – but journalism sometimes likes to polarize, if only to sale … ahem, open a debate. Now, now. Let’s just enjoy it all. This nudity.

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