Monday, May 25, 2015

At Home | Inger McCabe Elliot Pops of Color

The New York Times Magazine published photos of Inger McCabe Elliot’s colorful abode – an insight into how long standing creatives live, and can inspire our own spaces. Inger is a textile designer born in Norway. She left Norway at 8 years old when her family had to resettle, eventually finding its way to United States. Chinese and Javanese colors of batiks that she ended up working with no doubt influenced the vibrancy of her rich but by no means stifling domicile. There are rules (“I believe you should have dark colors with books”) and practical concerns (“She favors semigloss paint because it’s easy to wipe clean”) that her décor abides by, keeping – what potentially could get out of hand – slick and organized yet inviting, homey, and very alive.

PHOTO via THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE FROM “A Collected Home forInger McCabe Elliott”

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