Monday, January 12, 2015

Art | Beatriz Milhazes Kaleidoscopes

Living close to your city’s botanical gardens is a divine substitute for wilderness cities, by their very disposition, wipe out. The good people that run them curate flora that the city replaced, flora that could have acclimated to the area with or without human care, flora from beyond, ultimately for our education, pleasure and inspiration. Beatriz Milhazes is lucky to have her studio close to Rio de Janeiro botanical gardens. Flora is all there – in her art.
TOP: Noite De Verão (Summer Night) 2007 via DURHAM PRESS
BOTTOM LEFT: Set design for Tempo de Verão (Summertime) by Marcia Milhazes Contemporary Dance Company (2006) via ART TATTLER INTERNATIONAL
BOTTOM RIGHT: Sul da América 2002 via WIKIART

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