Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fashion | Ladies got vicious at Rick Owens

The whole S/S 2014 fashion hullabaloo was done back in September, but the photos and videos are still out there to inspire. Fashion cycles, and not just in the cuts and colors, but also attitudes – especially when portraying the modern/current woman. She is “strong”, she is “bold”, she is “power” – as long as she is pretty, still somewhat delicate which is not hard to achieve if she is very very slim, sexy, and up for ogling (nothing wrong with that; sometimes we dress to be ogled). Then every now and then a designer says, “F%^k this pretty skinny thing. Let’s get real. Let’s get amped!” 

S/S 2014 had Rick Owens. The models came in not-typical-model sizes, i.e. women sizes, and step dancers moved, really moved. All were truly fierce – strong, bold, powerful. Meanwhile, men’s wear collection had an Estonian Death Metal band… 

Ah Rick, rascal you!

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