Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Music | Female singer-songwriters №15: Erykah Badu

Ery-“can do no wrong”. Like any artist, her art morphs but “the essence is the same”. Sky high head wraps, major afro wigs, bleach blonde do’s – no matter, she is always stylish, futuristic and supportive, hell, very protective, of black culture. A fine selector, too. “… love it or learn it.” I like this earth mama. She may have been publicly born in a waft of burning incense – “On & On” – floating on the good vibes “Didn’t Cha Know”, but she calls it like it is. She tells you when to call “Tyron” to help you get your shit – oh boyfriend you; she warns you about all them bags getting in your way – oh “Bag Lady” girlfriend you; she wonders about the “Other Side of the Game” and its “Danger”. And still a “Honey”. Just follow the links. Better still - get the albums. And have fun.

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