Sunday, December 2, 2012

Music | Tricky tells it like is

"Ghetto knows that you don't deserve."

I have a soft spot for Tricky. He is one clever and intense mother.

To quote DominoRecords who uploaded this video on YouTube, “Ghetto Stars is a dark, tense and heavy track about the reality of the gangster lifestyle, too often glamourised in music. Tricky tells it like it is, "Ghetto Stars don't go far, ghetto traps locked behind bars" and "...riding in Zephyrs while my Nan plays the bingo.” ” 

The track features vocals of Franky Riley. She penned it, too. Tricky describes how and what in his post on the “Mixed Race” album, “I wrote all Franky’s lyrics except this one. I just played her this dark, heavy track which I only had a chorus for, went out for a couple of hours, and… wow. She wrote exactly what I was thinking. It’s a gangster song, that tells it straight without glamorising it. Poverty breeds crime – people don’t just wake up in the morning and want to be a gangster. Some rap music glamorises the gangster lifestyle, I’ve had real gangsters in my family, three of my family have been murdered, two of them have been shot, one of them stabbed, I remember not seeing my uncle for years, and asking my great grandmother where he was and her saying he’s in prison but at least I know he’s safe, and at least I know where he is.  Having friends like Freddie Foreman, they all tell me to keep going with my music – they say that there’s nothing glamorous about that lifestyle. Ghetto Stars don’t go far, ghetto traps, locked behind bars.”

And if that wasn’t enough, here is Tricky and Franky’s take on “Piece of Me” originally done by Britney Spears.

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