Sunday, December 30, 2012

Movies | “Glass of whiskey with an irresistible young actor”

One of the benefits, although ever so dubious ones, of being sick and in need of bed rest is a possibility of mini-home-bound-I-am-stuck-here-and-need-to-relieve-the-boredom-but-I-am-out-of-steam marathons. In my case it was movies. One set of selections was inspired by a photo of Ezra Miller taken by Garance Doré at the Martinez Hotel during the Cannes Film Festival 2012. It is a nice photo, non?

“Another Happy Day”: Some families comprise of individuals that are dysfunctional, self-absorbed, neurotic, argumentative, cynical, sensitive, mixed up, angry, and whatever else you want to add here, who are more than willing to dish it out or spread around the “goodness”. Cringe worthy viewing, if you are not into that sort of drama either at home or otherwise, “Another Happy Day” is a wreck I kept on watching mostly because, well, these people do not exist on celluloid only. I know a few…

“Beware the Gonzo”: High school misfit, outcast, and nerd revolt for the 2000s. Kind of cute and idealistic with a twist and some lessons to boot.

“Every Day”: Adults are sorting themselves out more clumsily than the kids.

I can see why IMDb rated them all below 7/10 and critics at Rotten Tomatoes were not more gracious (45% and below), but – remember – quality had a different meaning for me in this instance. We’ll see what becomes of him.

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