Friday, October 19, 2012

Interesting Couple | “God on a wheel!” at Decadent Old Bitches

The beauty of scouring internet and, thus, other blogs is all about finding the gems that hide out there in the ether. Here is one – Decadent Old Bitches. Loved it first for the title. I mean, it is just brilliantly arresting! This fabulosity of a blog was, alas, short lived – February to December 2011. 
     Ran by Red Revolution, Decadent Old Bitches was “set up […] as an educational resource and a canvas for [Red Revolution’s] market research. [In 2011, Red Revolution was] a final year fashion student in Brisbane, Australia preparing [their] graduate collection. [Their] target market [was] decadent old bitches and [Red Revolution] created this blog as a scrapbook to store all the information [they] could gather of various icons [they] perceive[d] to be [their] potential customer.” Love it even more! 
     Pity Red Revolution did not continue, but on December 3, 2011 they left on a fine note. Yes, this ROYCE & MARILYN video. Ah, the Dahlings!


  1. Hello! I am red revolution. You have given me inspiration to perhaps revive the blog...although I have felt like there is a lot of corrections to be made in the original content before going forward. Have you hesrd that Royce and Marilyn will be the feature of a documentary to be released soon? You should investigate them again as there is a Kickstarter campaign to invest in for the release. It made me nostalgic to hear that today...thank you for the kind words x

    1. Hi Red Revolution! Blogs need lots of tending, I should know - I have been slacking big time on this one - but I like the concept of Decadent Old Bitches, even ended up with a tag for it! Royce and Marilyn doco would be quite something. I am imaging a modern version of Grey Gardens. Brilliant! Happy blogging when you are ready ;) x


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