Thursday, May 24, 2012

Booze | A ray of sunshine


Lemon juice is like crisp rays of sunshine. Tart sunshine. Now that summer has announced itself early in this part of the world (no more teasing with those few days here and there followed by cool nights, then more cool days), it's time to find lemons. Perfectly squeezed lemons. Sweetened lemons. Bottled lemons. Steeped in alcohol lemons. Limoncello! This Italian liqueur hails from Southern Italy, and is produced and maybe even originates from the Gulf of Naples, Sorrentine Peninsula, Amalfi coast, Procida islands, Ischia, Capri, Sicily, Sardinia, or Maltese island of Gozo or elsewhere - who knows - I'll let them fight it out. What I do know is that it looks good, is crisp but sweet underneath it all, and makes me smile. Cue in "Matrimonio all'italiana", "Ieri, oggi, domani", "8 ½" ... Buona Sera Tutti!

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