Monday, April 18, 2011


What do you think of when it comes to wine with bubbles? Champagne? Sparkling white? Either way, chances are it’s white. Alas, you didn’t think of color. OK, maybe rose crossed your mind, but something dark? Not so much. Ah, my dear, you are missing out! Check out some sparkling Shiraz, for example. Peter Lehmann’s ‘Black Queen’ was my first foray. And a memorable one, too. So next time you go to pop the cork for anyone you see, consider a bubbly with color.  This gem is named “in honour of the most hauntingly famous Black Queen of all, The Queen of Sheba, who describes herself in the book of Solomon “I am black, (and) comely.” There can be no better description of this wine. A truely indulgent pleasure.” Word! Bottoms up mates!

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