Monday, November 11, 2013

At Home | Humidify!


Supposedly cold and flu viruses like dry air better… 
Proper humidity eases coughing 
Humidity is good for the skin and relieves those chapped lips Wooden floors and furniture, and wall paper fair better than in dry air 
Air feels warmer when not cold and dry 
Lowers static electricity 
Less frizzy hair, less tousled clothes and less of those mini-electric shocks 
Alleviates snoring 
Soothed, less dry, lubricated mucous membranes in the nose and throat 
Prevents nose bleeds 
Can ease asthma but check with your doctor
Reduced dust 

Recommended humidity levels: 30-50% 
Remember: Humidity levels kept too high can also make things worse – think mold or mildew; keep the humidifier clean; cold humidifies may keep multiplication of bacteria and fungi more at bay than hot ones


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