Saturday, September 28, 2013

Coded Candy | Pushing the aural envelope

So far Coded Candy dealt with the visual – infographics, computer generated graphics and films, icons etc. – but there is another type of Coded Candy – the aural. Technologically, DJ’ing has moved beyond mixing the records. The equipment digitizes it all and has expanded in such a way that in deft hands DJ’ing approaches the arena of pure performance. At the core of it all, we want the DJ to just play that song – but the question is now, which one? The pre-recorded or live?

Following is an excellent insight into DJ’ing Coded Candy courtesy of BBC Radio 1, hosted by a longtime proponent of electronic music and a DJ himself Pete Tong, featuring a master class by affable DJ James Zabiela. When you are done or over the chit chat, check out James Zabiela’s London set at Boiler Room TV to see it all in practice. When done by a Master.

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