Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Art | Oh Yoko, I will fill out your questionnaire for film № 4

Back in June to mid-September 2012, Moderna Museet Stockholm had an exhibition Yoko Ono: Grapefruit. This is where I got a chance to read Yoko Ono’s mini-treatise On Film № 4 (in taking the bottoms of 365 saints of our time). Yes, yes, yes, as in the movie referred to as “Bottoms”. Although I kept the questionnaire, I did not complete it. Don’t know why. It is quite probing. Join me. Once we are done, it’s time to follow up with some scores, such as:


Imagine one thousand suns in the 
sky at the same time. 
Let them shine for one hour.
Then, let them gradually melt
into the sky.
Make one tunafish sandwich and eat.

1964 Spring

From Grapefruit, 1964, 
published by Yes.
Simon & Schuster,
New York,
1970, 2000.

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