Sunday, June 3, 2012

Food | Movies to make you salivate, crave, hungry and even full

In no particular order. For starters J

Como agua para chocolate
Emotions transferred into food. Literally.

Getting dinner ready. Wow. Banquet. Wow. Another dinner. Wow. Lunch … you get the picture.

Los Angelino version of Eat Drink Man Woman. I want my pico de gallo! And some.

Not exactly food heavy, but did someone mention mole poblano?

La Grande Bouffe
Gluttony par excellence. Is all that really possible?! The deadly part of the sin is the aim.

Didn’t you crave some even under the threat of diabetes? Armande Voizin did.

The magic of seasoning.

Mangiare. Io mangio; tu mangi; lui/lei/Lei mangia; noi mangiamo; voi mangiate; loro/Loro mangiano. Ancora!

Take it from the chef - certain food combinations are just criminal.

Actor snobs, sue me! It’s cute; it has ramen; it has a cameo from Tsutomu Yamazaki, the truck driving mentor in “Tampopo”; it has ramen. Ramen gooood!

Bella Martha
I want to be her therapist J

The first 10:54 minutes makes you understand how this sous chef’s life friggin’ sucks – demands at work and from ‘proposed’, and being looked over ‘cuz the chef doesn’t get a … just see it. Taxi driver to the rescue!

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