Saturday, October 8, 2011

tastejive: wines in your language™, or selecting wine based on what you desire

This is the deal: if you do not want to choose your next vino based on a recommendation that gives you a historical background and then says the given wine is “a blend of Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah [and] The three varieties are aged 20 months in new and used barriques and large puncheons, to emphasize fruit purity”, then tastejive is for you. Get a recommendation that matches the experience you are after, mood or occasion, and fires off quips such as:

“Overrated, and with a checkered past; Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton in a bottle.”
“Big and muscular like meat on a stick, with a man on the side.”
“Joan Holloway, walking, or, whatever.”
“… like a mouthful of sparklers putting on a show for your tongue.”
“Shaplier even than Pippa Middleton’s bum. A classy, full-bodied affair that won’t settle for second fiddle. Show it off to your friends.”
“With curves in all the right places and legs that just don't quit, this wine will stop you in your tracks like a half-naked super model”

Ha! They even have an App for your iThingy billed with “Remember the last time you tasted a wine you liked? Can't remember its name? Don't worry, 80% of people don't remember, either.” Except that you will have to log on to the Facebook to use it, and I find that annoying…tastejive is a nice concept though.

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