Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cat Hot Pot – Neko Nabe

 ( “Neko Nabe: A Tale of Cats in the Northern Provinces”)

By 奥森すがり (Okumori Sugari)
2007 (Japan)

“No, we’re not suggesting you poach your kitty! A clay donabe maybe the perfect vessel for preparing hot pots, but Japanese felines have their own idea: cleverly repurposing this cookware to create the cat equivalent of a four-poster bed. As pet owners across Japan can attest, something about the bowl shape of a donabe makes it irresistible to sleepy kitties. So instead of chucking a cracked or chipped pot, they leave them out for the ole Tiggers in their lives (the pots for cooking stored safely out of feline reach, of course).”

Man: What is this?!
Woman: It’s neko nabe (cat pot)!
Man: Oooh. Neko Nabe!
Narrator: Once very popular, 
we’ve prepared a lot of Neko Nabes. 
We are attempting a mass neko nabe! 
I wonder, if they’ll go into them…
Woman: Ready? Start!

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