Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Desktop going Japanese

Left to right: Yoritsuki icons from Hybrid:Works®, Meiji Taisho icons, Yuuyake icons.

Are you bored with your desktop? Are you wishing for something exotic? Something more than a new picture for your background? OK, so I sound like a ‘one-of-those’ commercials, but in case you do – there is a way. Clever creative people are always busy putting together fascinating things for our personal use.  Lo and behold: Japanese Themed Desktop Icons! My favorites at the moment are Yoritsuki icons from Hybrid:Works®, a set of hot springs themed icons that can be also appropriated for the iPhone and soon also for the iPad. Me happy! But maybe you prefer the utilitarian tools of days gone by? Then Meiji Taisho icons are for you. Yuuyake icons preserve some of the flavor of standard icons, but with amplified style. Sources and download connections are here at designsbuzz for all three plus more, and here at knowtebook for Yoritsuki. If you are itching for a full overhaul of your desktop, then get inspired by claustrawberry and kjherstin at deviantart. They even point you to the sources for the good stuff. As for me, I started slowly – new icons for some things. But, boy, am I tempted...

Left to right: ©2010-2011 ~claustrawberry and `kjherstin

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