Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hello Kitty everywhere!

When it comes to brands expanding into stratosphere, Hello Kitty is definitely up there. Born in 1974 through Yuko Shimizu for Sanrio, Hello Kitty exploded into a global trademark that graces pretty much anything you can think of. The cute stuff you can use at school, eat on or wear is a given, as far as cartoon characters are concerned, but toasters, television, computers, high end bling bling?! A Hello Kitty Airbus?!?! That is truly another level. So although I should not be surprised, my jaw dropped when I found out one can procure Hello Kitty tarot cards. Yep, they are out there. Now, tarot cards are not all fun and games. There are some grim, heavy themes there. Death card anyone? How about the Devil? Or the Hanged Man? Or ten swords stuck in your back? You see what I mean. How can the cuteness that Hello Kitty is manage that?! Well, to quote “A spokesperson for Sanrio says that Hello Kitty is not normally given a mouth because "without the mouth, it is easier for the person looking at Hello Kitty to project their feelings onto the character" and that "the person can be happy or sad together with Hello Kitty."…” I see. I think it is clear now… Kinda.

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